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Disturbing History -Time Capsule Damaged

Centralia... A once vibrant mining town in Columbia County lost most of its population nearly 50 years ago... After an mine fire started underground. Now, it may have just lost part of its history
The stone marker reads "to be opened in 2016"
Underneath lies a time capsule... Holding momentos of Centralia when it was still a booming mine town.
"A book they said, some newspaper things. Nothing of value!" said Judy Horan, a Former Resident of Centralia
Or at least... It used to.
State police say last week, someone used heavy equipment to move the 300 pound marker. 
Its been put back in place. Scratched and facing the wrong way.
Many worry the time capsule has been opened early... or even stolen.
"I think if someone went through all the trouble of getting a back hoe or some heavy equipement to get it, they didnt just look in the hole and decide that you know oh there it is and cover it up"  said Elaine Rompolski, Former Resident of Centralia
Elaine Rompolski lived in Centralia for many years. She says its frustrating, knowing part of its history may be lost.

"There is so little left of Centralia and thats part of its history. So for it to remain untouched for 48 years and someone couldn't wait two more its just so disrespectful and disturbing."
Others wonder what would drive someone to tamper with the capsule.
"It didnt make any sense i mean everyone knows you dont put valueables in a time capsule" said Horan
The American Legion is working to get ahold of everyone from Centralia to decide what the fate of the time capsule should be. Whether it should be opened now, or wait until its scheduled date. 
If the American Legion decides to wait until 2016, there will be a time capsule opening ceremony.
  2016 is Centralia's 150th anniversary.

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