Danville Celebrates Iron Heritage Festival

Danville Celebrates Iron Heritage Festival

The Iron Heritage Festival in Danville draws people from across central Pennsylvania every year. The historical celebration kicks off Friday! Eyewitness news reporter Valerie Tysanner has our story from Montour county.

Danville, Montour County- Walking through Danville most people don't think "iron."

Bob Brown the Iron Heritage Festival Committee told Eyewitness News said "It's kind of hard to believe that Danville was as predominant in the industrial revolution as Pittsburgh was in the production of iron"

 That's precisely why the annual iron heritage festival was started... 16 years ago.
  "Unfortunately in the town of Danville there's very little as far as infrastructure left from that so for people passing through would have absolutely no idea of the significance that Danville played"

 Every year in July, people stop by danville to be transported back in time.

Fred Brown Attends Every Year he told us what he likes "I love it"Civil war artifacts line store fronts... But the train ride is a fan favorite.
 "I like so many things" Brown noted -- but  i think more than anything I like the train rides. They're just the enjoyable part where you can sit and do nothing!"

 On Saturday the entire street will be shut down. Instead of cars, you'll see artisans, people re-enacting their history."

 "The main street of town, Mill Street closed we have artisans, we have actors" said Brown.  This year... The heritage festival offers something new. A historic ice house... With 3 ton blocks of ICE.

Bob Brown  added "Its funny because we have a reenactment of an old ice house, how you used to get refrigeration and we thought oh this will be so appropriate for the 100 degrees but this year the weather is actually supposed to be pretty favorable!"
 The Festival runs through Sunday.
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