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Dansbury Depot Renovations Complete

The historic building that was once steps away from demolition now has new life.

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – When you look at the Dansbury Depot now, you’d never know the building ever suffered a fire. Downtown Manager Susan Randall remarked, "I just think it's gonna be a real anchor building for downtown East Stroudsburg."


The depot was originally a train station. Train traffic brought in business that helped East Stroudsburg grow. A business man later turned it into a popular restaurant. In 2009, the restaurant caught fire. A developer planned to demolish it and put up a new building. “There were many, many, many townspeople opposed to that happening,” said Sonya Cole who volunteered to oversee the renovation project.


The developer agreed to deed the building to the borough. Workers moved it across the railroad tracks. Then the Eastburg Community Alliance organized volunteers to renovate it. Cole said, "It just became a passion of mine." She added, "If we don't preserve it, who is going to?"


They got half a million dollars in grants and donations to restore the structure. They even managed to keep some original glass and items like luggage carts.


Now the borough will use it for special events and meetings. People can rent the space for events like birthday parties and bridal showers. Randall smiled, "It's been a long two years and we're just so excited now that we could finally offer it back to the community."

The Grand Opening is Saturday at 1 p.m. Doors open at noon. Tours are available between two and five.

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