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Danielle Ross Sentencing

A former child advocate from Lackawanna County was sentenced in federal court Wednesday morning. Danielle Ross pleaded guilty to attempted income tax evasion,
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County- 12 months in prison.
  That's the sentence for Danielle Ross, the former Guardian ad Litem in Lackawanna County.  Ross  was sentenced Wednesday morning at the federal courthouse in Wilkes-Barre.
  In court, Ross apologized to the judge for being forced to sentence another "officer of the court."
  As an attorney and child advocate -- Danielle Ross was in a position to make decisions on child custody disputes.
  She pleaded guilty to one count of attempted tax evasion.
  She admitted to not reporting roughly 200-thousand dollars, which means the government lost 63-thousand dollars.
  Ross' attorney asked the judge for leniency this morning.  She told the court she is a wife and mother.
  He called the situation an "anomaly" -- and not something that was done with malice or in a sophisticated way.
  Prosecutors said plainly that Ross should have known better because she was in a position of trust.
  The guideline range for the crime was 10-16 months.   The judge sentenced Ross to 12 months -- calling her actions a "pure act of dishonesty."
Danielle Ross will report to prison on May 12th.
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