Corn Prices Low- Farmers Struggling

Corn Prices Low- Farmers Struggling

Corn prices are the lowest they've been in years and many farmers who rely on field corn for their income... are struggling. Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner spoke with a farmer in Central Pennsylvania on Tuesday who gives insight into the problem.
Muncy, Lycoming County- John Tebbs has been farming all his life.


He told Eyewitness News this is the worst year for corn crops he's seen in a long time.
It's not that the corn is growing poorly at his farm in Muncy.
Thanks to a wet spring, it's precisely the opposite.


"I think it has a lot to do with an over abundance of corn"  said John Tebbs of Tebbs Farms and Greenhouses

In the last few years -- field corn has been a cash crop for local farmers.
"The last couple years corn prices have been good and when that happens in farming, we tend to grow more the next year" noted Tebbs

Field corn is converted to grain and sold to livestock farmers.
Lucrative... Except this year supply is outweighing demand.
Now farmers like John are preparing to deal with a significantly reduced income.

"You know like if you take your paycheck and cut it in half, that's how it affects you"

John says in many ways... He and his family will have to act as though they've lost a job.

"Well I don't know that you can prepare for it other than you just don't buy things because you certainly don't have the money."

Cutting unnecessary expenses... like new equipment.


Livestock farmers say that the lower corn prices will be helpful for them.
It will make raising cattle and pork significantly cheaper -- at least for now.

Livestock farmers say the lower corn prices could take a while to translate to your grocery store.
    There's often a year delay... Before the cost of meat... Is cheaper as well.

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