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Barbour's Attorney in Court

*Update: Barbour's attorney in court today to discuss pre-trial motions. Evidence is mounting that Miranda Barbour of Snyder County.. who claims to have killed 22 people, may be lying She made the jailhouse confession after she and her husband, Ellyte, were arrested for killing a Port Trevorton man. Earlier today our Valerie Tysanner spoke with the high priest for the official Church of Satan today... and he says she is not one of them.
*Update: Barbour's attorney in court today to discuss pre-trial motions.

The official church of Satan is none too happy about Miranda Barbour's claims, that she killed Port Tevorton's Troy LaFerrara and at least 21 other people as part of a satanic cult.

"Our philosophy is one that doesn't support murder whatever they're using as Satanism for their kind of murder doesn't have to do with our kind of Satanism" Magus Peter H Gilmore Church of Satan High Priest told our Valerie Tysanner.

Magus Peter Gilmore is the church of Satan high priest and he says she was not a member.

They keep membership lists... and membership is restricted to those who are legal adults.

Miranda Barbour claims she first killed someone as part of her satanic cult... at age 13.

The Church of Satan also takes issue with Barbour's claims of killing so many people in such a short time frame.


Dr. Richard Hughes  -- a religion professor at Lycoming College agrees...


"22 is a highly speculative number, I don't know if it's possible to do in a practical sense."

But Dr. Hughes does say ... If Miranda Barbour teamed up with her husband, Elytte to kill Troy LaFerrara for being a "bad person" like she said, It would make sense given her childhood.
"Satanism according to the Satanist bible is acting out an extreme hatred toward everyone
She's acting out her hatred against the abuser in her childhood"  said Dr. Hughes

Officials from the church of Satan say its likely that Miranda got her story from Hollywood... There are several films that involve a couple going on a thrill kill spree and then spilling all the details to the media.

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