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Charges Expected in West Scranton Drug Investigation

Scranton police officers and even a police special operations group swarmed an apartment building on Luzerne Street Tuesday afternoon.
A number of police officers including an armored vehicle filled a West Scranton neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

The site brought out neighbors who wanted to know exactly what was going on.

Between 3:00 and 4:00 PM, the 900-block of Luzerne Street was lined with a number of police cruisers and even the city's SOG (Special Operations Group) team.

All of the activity was concentrated on an at 924 Luzerne Street.

According to the Scranton police chief, officers were serving a search warrant as part of an ongoing drug investigation.

The heavy police presence had many people curious about what exactly what was going on.

The police chief says they had information that at least one person inside the apartment may have been armed so using the SOG team is not unusual.

A Lackawanna County Deputy District Attorney told Eyewitness News he expected three people to face charges but right now the names of those people and what charges have not been released. He expected a press release to be issued by Scranton police.

Neighbors described the scene as police arrived on Luzerne Street.

"We heard about two or three times on loudspeakers, we have a search warrant, open the door. We heard that about twice and then I heard them breaking in," neighbor Jose Casiano said.

A Scranton city official was also on scene with police and he immediately condemned the apartment following the drug investigation.

Neighbors say they were not surprised by the drug investigation because they have often seen people coming-and-going from that specific apartment in West Scranton.
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