Bowman Field Name Change

Bowman Field Name Change

A new name for the second oldest minor league stadium in the United States and that stadium is right here in our area. Earlier today- Lycoming County's historic Bowman Field changed it's name to "Susquehanna Bank At Bowman Field."
Lycoming County-  Repairs to Williamsport's historic Bowman Field are becoming more and more costly. 

The city recently learned the 88 year old field will need expensive repairs to its shingle roof costing upwards of 140-thousand dollars.

Instead of making the taxpayers front the bill to keep the Crosscutters' Minor League Baseball stadium usable  the city is entering into a five year agreement with Susquehanna Bank...

Historic bowman field is now officially Susquehanna Bank Park at historic Bowman Field

In return... The city is receiving 30,000 dollars off the bat...
And 120,000 dollars more spread out over the next five years.

Susquehanna Bank says they have been part of the Williamsport community for decades...

So the partnership makes sense.


All the money from the new partnership goes straight back into Bowman Field to keep the area maintained and a community draw for years to come.
 The Crosscutters kick off their season at the newly renamed field... This Friday at 7 pm.

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