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Attorney General Kane Wants To Hear From You Regarding Electric Bills

Attorney General Kane is looking for public input regarding electric bills across the state.. She has been receiving thousands of complaints since she put out a statewide alert late last month.
State Attorney General Kathleen Kane wants to hear from you if you think your electric bill is way too high-- Kane told Eyewitness News, "We have seen a massive spike in electric rates in just a one month period--We know there are many variables like the bitter cold and people turning up their thermostat-but there are more than enough red flags that indicate that price gouging may be taking place-" Elias Forin owns a business in Eynon, Lackawanna County and is angry over the increase in his electric bill-He said, "We need protection this can ruin families!"-  Kane is urging people to call her Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or email her at Consumers@attorneygeneral-dot-gov---

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