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Couple Heading to Trial in "Thrill Kill" Case

Judge sends 18 year old Miranda Barbour and her husband 22 year old Elytte Barbour to trial
Sunbury, Northumberland County- 18 year old Miranda Barbour and her husband  22 year old Elytte Barbour wanted to kill anyone. Someone just for the thrill of it.. A thrill kill -  say investigators in Northumberland County. Tragically that someone was 42 year old Troy LaFerrara of Port Treverton. Laferrara's bloodied body was found on Catawissa Avenue in Sunbury on November 12. Police say the Barbours stabbed and strangled him the night before as they drove from Selinsgrove to Sunbury.. Prosecutors say that Elytte Barbour admitted that his wife ran an Ad on Craigslist offering companionship for money. LaFerrara responded to the Ad and agreed to meet with Miranda, unaware that Elytte Barbour was hiding under a blanket in the back of the SUV.
    A Sunbury Detective testified that Miranda was to give Elytte a designated signal- a tap on his leg-- at which time he would wrap a cord around Laferrara's neck and strangle him. At the same time Miranda was to stab him..  Northumberland County Coroner  James Kelly said LaFerrara died from multiple stab wounds.
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