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Council Approve Scranton Budget With Masssive Tax Hikes

On Thursday night city councilors in Scranton gave their stamp of approval on a budget that raises taxes an average of $400 per person
Scranton, Lackawanna County - People in the Electric City are charged up after members of city council approved a budget with a massive tax and garbage hike fee Thursday night.

Under the budget taxpayers in Scranton are scheduled to pay an average of about $400 a year more in taxes starting next year.

Mayor Chris Doherty had proposed a $130-million budget, which included raising property taxes by almost $300 dollars and just about doubling the fee for garbage collection, but still need city council to approve it.

Mayor Dohery wasn't at the council meeting Thursday night, but had gone on record saying the drastic spikes were needed to restore a $20-million dollar deficit.

Thursday night's meeting included about two hours worth of people trying to convince city council not to approve that budget.

City councilors ultimately approved the budget with a 3-2 vote.

Les Spindler, a Scranton resident, told Eyewitness News he worries how people on fixed incomes will pay the extra money.

Bob McGoff, a councilor who voted yes for the budget, said they had no other choice.

Now that council has approved the budget it will head back to Mayor Doherty for his final approval.
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