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Cool Art at Local Ice bar

For some the chilly temperatures are a bummer, but for others they provide an opportunity for art!
Mountain Top, Luzerne County - For some the chilly temperatures are a bummer, but for others they provide an opportunity for art!  Ice sculptures and an ice bar in Mountain Top have people  braving the winter weather to enjoy a drink outside at Damenti's Restaurant.  This years theme is love and it's decorated like a wedding chapel.

Most people are trying to stay out of the freezing cold, bone place in Mountain Top is inviting you into the heart of it.  Christina Hahn is from Virginia and says "I am in love!  I have never seen anything like this before."  Damenti's Ice Bar is open for business once again and this year those visiting say it's more breathtaking than ever.  "It's like magical, it's awesome," adds Hahn.

People come from near and far to see everything from swans to cupids, this wedding chapel of ice is awe inspiring.  Owner Kevin McDonald says "well we have 20 tons of ice in here and it took a crew a good 10 days."  Everyone who comes in has a favorite sculpture.  Lauren Wallis, of Carbondale says "definitely the giraffe's!  They are the most detailed and I think they are really cool."  Her dad, George, agrees "I think the giraffe's this year are really tremendous," but mom, Mary-Jane, picked something else, "my favorite one is the bar, like the bar is really cool, there are all kinds of cupids behind the bar and I think it is really cool."

Everything is ice including the piggy bank for donations.  Hahn "I did the ice shot luge. I sat in the chair.  I love the ice chair, I felt like an ice princess," but what makes this igloo even more special is that the money it makes goes to a number of great causes.  "Every night half of the proceeds from the ice bar go to a particular charity for a week.  It doesn't matter when you come up half of it goes to a charity," explains McDonald.

Even when the outside temperatures fluctuate, thanks to a giant refrigerator, the ice bar sits at a cool 25 degrees.  "You gotta see it!  That's all I can say. It's just really cool," says Hahn.  There is even a seat, a cold seat, but a seat to sit in.  You can visit any day from 5-9 pm through March.

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