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Controversy Surrounds Proposed Drug And Alcohol Clinic In Luzerne County

The future of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinic is in the hands of the Butler Township Zoning Board.
Butler Township, Luzerne County - Tuesday evening the Butler Township Zoning Board was forced to postpone their meeting, so they can accommodate the hearing's large crowd.
The meeting is scheduled for January 28th at an undetermined location.


People who live in the Sleep Hollow area of Butler Township say a proposed drug and alcohol addiction clinic will destroy their peaceful way of life-A Hazleton Doctor and several businessmen are seeking Zoning Board approval Tuesday night to establish the facility near the well known Sleepy Hollow Golf Center-Dan Herman is the owner of the golf center and said, "This area is known to be safe place for kids now it will be not be known for a good place for kids"--- Michael Cabell, a spokesman for the developers of the clinic, said, "This will be a place to help Hazleton area residents and will be non-narcotic--Clients will come here voluntarily not by court order--this will never be a methadone clinic or Minsec" The Zoning Board meets at 7:30 Tuesday at the Butler Community Center---
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