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Community Hires Sharpshooter to Thin Deer Herd

Some residents are circulating a petition to stop the shooting plans.

Bushkill, Pike County – Deer are causing a divide in one Pocono community. Saw Creek Estates in Bushkill has hired a sharp shooter to kill about 200 deer.


Resident Tiffany Grevious gave up putting plants near her front door because deer often walked down her steep steps to her front porch to snack on her shrubs. She said, "I used to see maybe about three or four a day but now there's like herds of them."


Peggy Quaranta countered, "I love the deer. They're absolutely, they're our friends, that's why we come here."


How to manage the deer population has caused a divide in the community. The Board of Directors hired a specially trained sharpshooter to cull the dear heard. Quaranta said, "They better stay away from my house."


The shooter will reportedly stay away from homes. The meat from the dear he shoots will go to a local food pantry. Biologist and the Pennsylania Game Commission approve of the plan, saying there are so many deer that they are ruining the ecosystem and becoming sickly. Homeowner Jay Silverstein agreed, "They have to scavenge for their food. They scavenge everything in the community that you try to grow. They get hit by cars. They carry Lyme Disease in some cases."


The three year project will cost more than $30,000 in the first year. "I think it's a waste of money,” complained Don Ertle. "These are like city people coming up to this area and they don't understand." He added, "They ([the deer] were here first."


The sharpshooter is expected to start working within the next 90 days.


Some homeowners are circulating a petition asking the Board of Directors to reconsider its decision and put it up for a community vote.

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