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Celebrating 50 Years of Business

A family owned and operated business in the Back Mountain is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. For half a decade Fino's Pharmacy has been providing prescriptions and serving loyal customers.
Dallas, Luzerne County - A family owned and operated business in the Back Mountain is celebrating its 50 year anniversary.  For half a century Fino's Pharmacy has been providing prescriptions and serving loyal customers.  To some it's a place they go to just pick up some pills, to others it's a life line.  Brenda Burkhardt, of Dallas, says "we come to Fino's because I have a chronically ill child.  She is 5-years-old and we come to Fino's because they do compounding for us."

Burkhardt is a mother of 2 who depends on Fino's Pharmacy in Dallas to provide the prescriptions she needs.  "Skyler is 5.  She was a preemie.  She was in the NCIU for 104 days and she has cerebral palsy and she has chronic lung disease and she is deaf," she explains.  Without Fino's right in her own backyard, Burkhardt says  her heavy load at home would be even harder to bare.  "It's one place, one phone call, we know the pharmacist and they know us.  I don't even have to say my name and they start pulling my medicines," she says.

It's with that personal touch that the pharmacy has lasted this long.  Dominic Fino followed in his father's footsteps becoming a pharmacist and opening the store in November of 1963.  "We took a chance and the back mountain was very good to us. Very nice people back here, very trusting and that's how we made a go of it," says Fino.  His granddaughter, Sarah Brassington, "it's a big milestone for my grandfather because he has put blood sweat and tears into this."

With help from family members of all ages, now his sons, Michael and Dominic Jr. run the family business.  Michael, who is the Pharmacist, says "when I was a kid we used to wash the bottles and we would get a big jug of cough medicine and get a rag and dust them off.  I was probably more in the way than anything."  The family patriarch credits his success to the help he has gotten over the years.  "My employees, when they start with me they stay with me and like I say I have had them for 30-40 years.  They are good people, nice people, and the customers love them," says Fino.  Meanwhile, Michael says it's the customers "it's a compliment to have someone come in.  They can go anywhere they want.  There's chains, there's other independents."

Either way they seem to be here to stay, which is a sigh of relief for the people who depend on them.  "They take a personal interest in my family and they have a vested interest in their needs," says Burkhardt.  Dominic Fino says back in 1963, out of respect, Fino's Pharmacy shut down for a few hours the day JFK was laid to rest.
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