Caring For Our Troops

Caring For Our Troops

Spreading holiday cheer overseas. A Luzerne County mom sending a little piece of home to her soldier and his comrades.
West Wyoming, Luzerne County - Spreading holiday cheer overseas.  A Luzerne County mom sending a little piece of home to her soldier and his comrades.  It all started with a Facebook message from her son in Afghanistan asking for some snacks.  25 boxes of goodies later, Marilyn Kilbourn is spreading the love throughout his entire base, but she need all of our help getting it there.

It as a message between a mother and son, now it's growing into a huge project to make spirits brighter for U.S. Troops overseas.  Marilyn Kilbourn says "we have to appreciate what they are doing!  As a mother, and I get a little tongue tied, as a mother having sons over there, there is nothing that we should not do for our Troops!" She is collecting things most of us take for granted daily and sending them to her son Staff Sgt. Adam Kilbourn and his fellow soldiers.  "Little bit of everything as far as the goody area goes.  He mentioned healthy or non-healthy, it didn't make any difference, just send them," says the mother.

Her son, a father of 3, is 6 months into his second tour of duty, so when he asked her to send some goodies she got her friends, neighbors and even area schools involved.  "It's for the people, men and women that sacrifice everyday of their lives for everyone not just for us," says Kilbourn.  Her other son, Sean, also served in the military and knows first hand what it means to be on the receiving end.  "When they are missing something or have a little bit of home it means a lot.  When they are out in the field or surrounding areas it's just a piece of home," says Sean Kilbourn.

Not only are they sending care packages to our Troops overseas they are also sending a message of hope and love to share throughout the holidays.  Some of the students made cards to add to the care packages and a poster of encouragement is headed there as well.  Now, Kilbourn needs your help shipping it all across the world.  "Even if it's a dollar per person, every little bit will help.  We need money to send all of these boxes with all of these goodies, even candy canes for Christmas," says Kilbourn.  The packages won't ship until November 28th, but Kilbourn wanted to send an early message to her soldier spending his birthday Friday away from home, "son I love you and I miss you.  Happy Birthday," says the proud mom.

If you are interested in donating money to ship these packages overseas email Marilyn Kilbourn at
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