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Cancer Patient becomes Truck Driver, Police Officer, Firefighter, and News Reporter

See how Walmart honored an optimistic boy with big dreams.

Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County – Joey Fantozzi’s family calls him “The King.” And it
seems he has some subjects at the Walmart Distribution Center in Coolbaugh Township.

The center opened its doors wide open to welcome the seven year old who is battling
Leukemia. He remarked, "I know that I’m fighting it and I'll go right through it."

Joey’s positive attitude has been an inspiration to many people, including the Walmart
truck drivers. They organized a special day in his honor. Joey laughed, "I felt like I
owned the place for a little bit."

Santa visited. Joey got a present from him and many gifts from others. They included
a driver’s license. Walmart made Joey an honorary driver.

That wasn’t all. Joey got a ride in a Coolbaugh Township fire truck. Plus, the
Pennsylvania State Police made him a State Trooper for the day. Joey said he
planned to arrest his big sister.

The drivers put it all together through a program called “Walmart Heart.”
Distribution Center General Manager Mac McClenathan said, It's just an
opportunity that we have to kind of give to kids that are going through real
tough things physically."

Joey’s parents thanked the Walmart employees for treating Joey like a King. His mom
Nicole said, "This is overwhelming. This has been an amazing experience." His father
Joe added, "The amount of support that this Walmart Heart program is tremendous."

The “Walmart Heart” program has been operating quietly for many years. Walmart doesn’t
usually invite the media to events but Joey’s family invited Eyewitness News to
attend and Walmart allowed it.

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