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Bras Across the Bridge

Saving lives one under-garment at a time. Friday night's 'Bras Across the Bridge' event had many people showing off their underwear in support of breast cancer awareness.
Kingston, Luzerne County- Saving lives one under-garment at a time.  Friday night's 'Bras Across the Bridge' event had many people showing off their underwear in support of breast cancer awareness.  Judging by the smile on her face and the pep in her step, it's hard to believe Jeannie Zaykowski is battling breast cancer.  "I did feel a lump and that's how I was diagnosed, but I was 18 months out on my mammogram and I could have gone 6 months sooner," she says.  Zaykowski, along with friends and other survivors, came out to Kirby Park in Kingston for 'Bras Across the Bridge.'  Zaykowski says "this isn't 'hey everybody this is breast cancer' it's 'hey everyone go get your mammogram.'"

For the 5th year, radio station 98.5 KRZ held a fundraiser where everyone comes with a bra and donates $5 to the American Cancer Society.  The idea is to try to stretch the chain of intimates across the Market Street bridge from Kingston to Wilkes-Barre as a reminder to women to get a regular breast exam.  Nicole Jorgensen, from the American Cancer Society, says "we need to get the word out so everybody knows the importance of getting their screenings."  Barb Moeller, a hospice nurse at the event, says "there are a lot of survivors here and a lot of people who have been affected by breast cancer in their lives and I think events like this just go to show them that it's really supporting cancer."

Even though Zaykowski's year long battle with breast cancer continues she is not letting it get her down.  It's also not stopping her from helping to find a cure; the survivor took part in a contest leading up to bras across the bridge where she outbid others for a pink guitar autographed by the singer Pink.  All of those bids went to the American Cancer Society.   She's a woman with determination spreading her positive attitude to others.  "No matter your age or anything, I think that if you're suspicious you need to get a checked," she encourages.

The weather was perfect to be outside helping a great cause.  This was the first time "bras across the bridge" was held on a Friday night,  in previous years it was help on a Saturday morning.
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