Bloomsburg University Block Party Arrests

Bloomsburg University Block Party Arrests

The annual Bloomsburg University Block Party ends with arrests.
 Bloomsburg, Columbia County-"I mean I had a good time, but I wasn't in the mess of things. I saw the video and it looked like it got a little out of control." said Matt Wenrich
    A little out of control might be an understatement as police tried to disperse a riot that broke out during block party on Saturday.

"No police officer gets paid enough to endure the type of treatment and the disrespect that they endured." said Chief Leo Sokoloski, Bloomsburg Police.
Bloomsburg police say a large crowd of intoxicated people got disruptive on Fetterman Avenue, blocking the streets and disturbing the peace.

"The crowd started chanting obscenities about police, and once one person threw beer bottles and glass at the vehicle, a snow storm effect took place." said Chief Leo Sokoloski

"There was probably a lot of kids getting out of control, and I'm a student too, and I love it, but there reaches a point where it does get out of control." said Joseph Stefani, Bloomsburg Student

That point was when the party-goers failed to respond to repeated instructions by police to leave the area, causing officers to use smoke and tear gas.

One individual is facing charges after he allegedly threw a rock the size of a typewriter at a police vehicle.

"To commit a horrific act of violence and to just walk away, it's certainly a sin." said Chief Sokoloski

The riot has law enforcement questioning the future of the annual weekend celebration.

"I think block party as we know it, and how students knew it from the past, will come to an abrupt halt."Police say more citations are being issued-
   If you have any information on the person who damaged the police vehicle- Bloomsburg police want to hear from you.

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