Bloomsburg Fair Reverses Gun Ban

Bloomsburg Fair Reverses Gun Ban

Less than a week after declaring a gun ban at the Bloomsburg Fair, the security director has announced concealed weapons will be allowed with a permit.
After getting hundreds of boycott threats, angry emails, and calls, a controversial decision has been reversed.

"Proper permits with a firearm will be allowed on the fairgrounds - even though I'm going against  the recs from homeland security," said Bill Barrett, the Bloomsburg Security director.

After he first announced the gun ban, Barrett spent a full day on the phone explaining to angry members of the community, why a gun ban was necessary.

"People do not like change. You can't satisfy everybody," he said.

But after hearing from the upset community, Barret decided to change his decision. Guns will be allowed at this year's Bloomsburg Fair.

Many people said they're happy about his new decision, because without a weapon, they don't feel safe.

Chet Bixler came to speak with Barrett in person.
"I feel more comfortable when I carry with my family being around me, because of all the changes in society, he said."

An example of the backlash Barrett experienced can be seen on a facebook page called, "Boycott the Bloomsburg Fair." Nearly 1,000 people joined it in just two days.

George Yacca is from Bloomsburg. He thinks social media is a powerful thing.
"You get the voice right away instead of a week down the road. You know instantanesously," he said.

Andrew Raibeck co-founded "Boycott the Bloomsburg Fair," with several of his friends. He said he wanted to spread the word, and show officials that people know it's their right to protect themselves.

Bixler thinks similarly, "I was a little worked up about it, and I had a couple other people say "we're going to rally."

He understands why the ban was proposed, but is glad he won't have to leave his gun at home. At least not this year.

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