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Big Bucks for Small Business

The holiday shopping season is also a "make or break it" time for many large companies across the country and the same can be said for the small business closer to home. Eyewitness News Reporter Joe Garrison with more on how some local stores fared this.

Williamsport, Lycoming County-No matter where Reporter Joe Garrison went today store owners were happy to report that business was good and they hope the momentum continues into the new year. Otto's Bookstore in Downtown Williamsport has been around for more than one hundred years. This year business was good thanks to very busy November as customers were willing to shop local.

"It was very very busy because a lot of our December business was bargain books. And they would buy stacks of bargain books where they would just buy one or two regular priced books."   said Besty Rider of Otto's Bookstore.

Down the street at The Clothier, men can be dressed from head to toe. The owner says top of line clothes were this year's fashion statement.

While some say an increase in online shopping is cutting into their business.    Shop owners say there are still plenty of people who just enjoy shopping and want that persona attention now and all year long.

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