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Beautiful Day for a Car Wash

Many people joked that temperatures above 20 felt "tropical" Thursday.

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – People sprayed and scrubbed to celebrate a sunny day with temperatures above 20. "It feels like a heat wave. It's much warmer and that's why I'm out cleaning my car,” laughed Alisa Wrazien of Stroudsburg.


People lined up for their turns to clean winter muck off of their vehicles at Sparkle Carwash in Stroudsburg. Nicholas Marshall of East Stroudsburg said, "Before I even got here I had to kick it off, 'cause you know the wash probably won't get it all off." Wrazien confessed, "It was absolutely filthy to the point of all the kids were getting dirty getting in the car."


Many people said they felt they had to take advantage of the break from the sub zero temperatures. Marshall smiled, "Today feels like I'm in Florida compared to how it has been before."


For some drivers, it was still too cold to use the outdoor wash bays. The line for the drive through carwash stretched around the building.


While there is snow and rain in the forecast, drivers told us they’ll be glad to get the worst of the dirt off and have a clean car for at least one day. Justin Newkirk of Tannersville said, "I try to always keep it clean and keep it nice and shiny because the nice and cleaner you keep it, the longer it will last."

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