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Bear Spotted Roaming The Campus Of The University of Scranton

A black bear has been caught on camera roaming the campus at the University of Scranton
Scranton, Lackawanna County - Archery season for bear hunters starts on Monday.

It seems like one of the animals is doing its best to steer clear of the woods. That's because a bear has been spotted roaming the campus at the University of Scranton.

"It was different usually when we get the community advisories it's usually human issues, not animal and human," John Lungo, a Junior at the University of Scranton, said.

Lungo got the email university officials sent out Friday evening letting them know a black bear had been spotted roaming the campus.

"Hopefully it doesn't see me," he said. "I don't think it'll come after me if I don't do anything wrong to it."

School surveillance video shows the bear, which is being called medium sized, strolling across the Poly-Hi parking lot on campus.

"I was definitely shocked because there's a lot of buildings around here," Samantha Zilla, a sophomore at the University of Scranton, said. "I would say there's not much forest to find a bear. "

This isn't the first time a bear has been spotted on the campus. In 2009 Eyewitness News cameras caught one in a tree.

University police are working with the Pennsylvania State Game Commission concerning this most recent sighting.

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