Be Santa to a senior

Be Santa to a senior

It's a program helping senior citizens feel not so alone during the holidays.
Luzerne, Luzerne County- Wrapping, taping and finishing with a bow. These volunteers at Home Instead Senior Care in Luzerne will wrap about three-hundred presents this holiday season for local seniors, who may otherwise not get anything.

"It's very lonely. You have to keep their spirits up high," says Debbie Myer.

Debbie Myer, along with most of the volunteers here, works first hand with senior citizens. For some seniors, especially those living alone, the holidays may not be so joyful.

"We think of Christmas we all get together, but think about the people who don't have anybody," says Linda Heath.

"They look for visits, they look for presents and they like just companionship," says Judy Longo.

"This may be there last holiday," adds Heath.

A program called "Be a Santa to a Senior" is helping spread holiday cheer to many seniors this Christmas. Anyone can participate.

"We work with five different stores and they set up Christmas trees. On the Christmas tree is an ornament that has the name of a needy senior in Luzerne County and a gift idea," says Alyssa Maria, owner of Home Instead Senior Care in Luzerne.

The gifts these seniors are asking for are some of the simplest items.

"Things like a lap blanket or a robe, hats, gloves. Personal things that people go through like body lotion and shampoo," says Maria.

"Just  giving them a little gift like this just to see the pleasure of their smile when they're opening up their gift. It means the world to me," says Myer.

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