Arrests Made in Bonacci Death

Arrests Made in Bonacci Death

Noon Update:

Scranton, Lackawanna County-Dressed all in black 23-year-old Neil Pal stayed silent as he was arrested on homicide charges.
  Along with his friend 23-year-old Jason Domenick, both men are accused of shooting-and-killing Frank Bonacci of Dunmore on July 20th.
  Investigators say the two suspects had been drinking with Bonacci at pal's home right before the murder.
  Investigators think they then all drove in Bonacci's car to the area of Roaring Brook, behind Ridge Row near the University of Scranton, where Bonacci's SUV was found days later.
  According to court papers, detectives think pal and Domenick used a rock wedged on the SUV's gas pedal to cause it to go over a 72 foot ravine.

Three people went into the woods, two people came out. We're still gathering info, putting the case together, but we felt as though we had enough information at this time to arrest the " said Andy Jarbola, Lackawanna County D.A.


  Prosecutors say after the murder.. the two men allegedly called someone else to pick them up on interstate 81-South.
  That person didn't know what happened.
  As for a motive... Investigators think it could have involved a girl who both Bonacci and suspect Jason Domenick had dated.

:"They were all friends at some point in time, there's some evidence this could have been a result of some conflict between one of the individuals arrested over a female" added D.A. Jarbola

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