A Little Love: Andrew

A Little Love: Andrew

He's an energetic young man who loves to be active- arts, sports you name it. But what he really wants to love is a family to call his own. Monica Madeja introduces us to Andrew
12 year-old Andrew loves getting his hands dirty- in this case, full of sugar!
He's getting a lesson in cupcake decorating from pro baker Lisa at Kitchen Chemistry in Stroudsburg.
Andrew is a fun loving, boy who is thoughtful and caring he is really sweet.

So he fits in well with the icing, sprinkles and other sweet treats  at the store.
Despite his penchant for cupcake decorating Andrew wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Why?

  "Because they save peoples lives and you get money, like big money." 

Andrew does well in school, his favorite subject is math.
And he loves unwinding with arts and crafts, playing basketball and likely now, cupcake decorating.

Lisa showed Andrew several different ways to make this holiday treat a little more fun.


This jokester, would love to watch scary movies with brothers and sisters to call his own. His adoption worker says he needs patient parents.

 "Andrew is a sweet child who is looking for a loving, caring environment, someone who is willing to go out of their way, no matter how he decides he is going to act or behave on a certain day." said Lauren Buccine

 Andrew's hoping he can bring some of his delicious creations and his "sweet" personality to a forever home.

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