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8/31 Friday Night Sports Show - Part 1

<br>The Berger Family Auto Dealership "Friday Night Sports Show"... Part 1....&nbsp; <br>Highlights from the&nbsp;High&nbsp;School Football &nbsp;teams in our "Great 8" Poll....<br><br><br><br><br>

The Berger Family Auto Dealership "Friday Night Sports Show"... Part 1.... 
Highlights from the High School Football  teams in our "Great 8" Poll....

Team Number #1 - Dunmore rolls over North Pocono....
Team Number #2 - Mount Carmel celebrates the 80th Birthday of the Silver Bowl with a win over Shikellamy...

Team Number #3 - GAR falls behind 20-nothing in the first half and loses to Lakeland..,

Team Number #4 - Scranton's explosive offense too much fot Hazleton Area

Team Number #5 - Pottsville fights off a tough Shamokin squad

Team Number #6 - George Curry's return after five years results in  Dawgs victory over Crestwood

Team Number #7 - The Vikings suffer a setback in their opener against West Scranton

Team Number #8 - Wyoming Area is the third preseason "Great 8" team to lose
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