2nd Annual Hope for Hannah Rescue Fundraiser

2nd Annual Hope for Hannah Rescue Fundraiser

Young brothers host their second event expecting to double donations
Come join us at our biggest event of the year to help save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies. It is 2nd Annual Hope for Hannah Rescue Fundraiser to be held on Sunday, September 22, 2013 from 12pm to 5pm, at 356 North Everett Avenue,

Two young boys from Scranton named Michael and Nicholas founded the fundraiser last year and raised over $2400.00. What began as a simple lemonade stand in August 2012 turned into a much larger event attracting the media, help from local vendors, and enough people that the city had to block off the streets. The fundraising event helped save 26 puppies from a horrible death.

The boys have been spending a lot of their free time this summer planning their second fundraiser. It is anticipated that this year's event will draw twice the number of people and donations. The boys hope to double what they raised last year to save more dogs and puppies from neglect, abandonment, and death.

The event will feature food, raffles and plenty of fun

After Michael and Nicholas adopted their dog, Cabela, from the Hope for Hannah Rescue in Bartonsville, PA, they have since been inspired to help dogs find loving homes. These compassionate and noble young boys have a love for helping homeless dogs and the Hope for Hannah Rescue. The Hope for Hannah Rescue has a remarkable reputation for saving dogs and puppies. This is a heroic deed for a rescue that relies totally on fosters.

Michael and Nicholas are driven to make it another successful and fun event. Their mission
is unselfish, heartwarming, and giving. Please come and support the boys and the Hope for
Hannah Rescue in their efforts to rescue more dogs and puppies from a terrible fate.
For more information, please visit http://hopeforhannahrescue.org.
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