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After morning clouds, the sun breaks through the clouds by the afternoon on Labor Day.  Highs top out in the mid 80s.  

We’ll still have the humid conditions again.  

Monday night, we don’t get much relief as we fall to only 72.  Expect more fog, again.  Late in the night, we turn cloudy.  

This happens because of an approaching cold front.  

This front brings widespread showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.  

These storms will have heavy rain and gusty winds.  We’ll also have breezy conditions.  

After the front, enjoy relief Wednesday.  We even have a low Wednesday night of 58.  

On Thursday, like Wednesday, we’ll have another day in the mid 80s with low humidity.  We’ll also have partly sunny skies again.  

On Friday, we turn a touch more humid in the afternoon, and the clouds increase.

In the afternoon, some showers and storms also arrive. 

The showers and storms will carry over into Saturday as a cold front sails over us.  

Highs stay in the 80s Friday and Saturday.  

Then, enjoy 70s on Sunday as a result of the cold front.  We’ll also have partly sunny skies.  

Mostly sunny skies follow on Monday as an area of high pressure sets up over us.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

I also wrote a more detailed look at the forecast, if you want to read some more about this week's weather:

Monday night, we start out partly cloudy.  Then, toward daybreak, you’ll notice the clouds take over the skies.  You’ll also notice patchy fog as the low hits the dewpoint.  We have a low of 72.  When the dewpoint temperature and the regular temperature match, you get fog.  See the dewpoint temperatures measure the air temperature at which water will condense or appear out of the air (also known as fog).  On Tuesday, like much of this past weekend, we’ll have mostly cloudy skies.  Blame those approaching showers and storms for that.  In addition, it will feel very hot with a high of 88 and all of those humid conditions before the showers and storms cool us off.  The breezes during the day will try and help us out, but we’ll have only warm breezes.  After the cold front, it will feel so good to have the lower humidity.  Sure, we’ll still have warm weather with highs in the 80s, but it will “feel” a lot cooler.  We stay in the 80s all week.

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