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PSU to 'Tag Off' in Spring

James Franklin's style will limit contact for scholarship-deprived Nittany Lions.
STATE COLLEGE - With spring ball underway, little worries Penn State fans more than a lack of depth.
Keeping his limited number of players healthy is also a concern for new head coach James Franklin and will affect his practices.
The Nittany Lions will use a technique Franklin calls “tag off.”
Similar to the “THUD” practice style under Bill O’Brien, “tag off” means limited contact, lowering injury risk.
It calls for defenders to get into a solid tackling position before tagging the ball carrier.
“So you can get a lot of work done if you do it the right way and you demand the fundamentals and the technique and an athletic position,” Franklin says of the limited-contact style. “You gotta be able to legitimately when you watch the tape be able to say that guy would have made the tackle.” 
Franklin does expect the pads to pop from contact come the Blue-White game on April 12.
But he says he may have to get creative with personnel, especially on the offensive line, to make it a true game.

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