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Generations of Energy: May 25, 2014

Many local schools are offering specialized classes in energy. But that wasn't always the case. Eyewitness News Anchor Drew Speier explains in this week's Generations of Energy.
  Colleges and even high schools have expanded classes related to the energy industry.
     Drilling rigs like this Cabot Oil and Gas site in Meshoppen need trained workers ...
     That's why many courses are geared toward teaching students about natural gas.
     But five years ago, when Cabot started drilling in Northeastern Pennsylvania, they say the work force was limited.
"When we arrived originally, you couldn't find the trained workers. But with schools, colleges taking the opportunity to change their curriculum around, to allow for local students to get educated, to come here, to get an internship, to learn hands on, and then get hired into this field." said George Stark of Cabot Oil and Gas.
     Cabot officials say many of the students they hire are veterans ... or people looking for a career change.
     And with the company drilling 120 wells this year alone ... they say they'll be hiring for generations to come.

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