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Generations of Energy: May 18, 2014

Are trying to prove drilling jobs aren't just for Texans. Eyewitness News Anchor Drew Speier explains in this week's Generations of Energy.
 Some Marcellus Shale companies say they're hiring right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Many of those jobs were on display at an expo earlier this month. Hundreds of people came to a business, gas and job expo at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds. Officials say about 500 positions were up for grabs. Many jobs were based right here, at the drilling site. This rig in meshoppen is owned by Cabot Oil and Gas. Company officials say 90 percent of the work force is made up of people from this area.

George Stark of Cabot Oil told Eyewitness News. "The gals and the guys that are on this site typically are local residents. Some of the misinformation is this work is for those from Texas or Oklahoma or West Virginia, and by bringing people out, all of a sudden they see, wait a minute that girl's from Tunkhannock. That gentleman's from Springville."

They say there are about 410 different employees on each gas rig. Next week, we'll tell you how education is changing to keep up with the job demand.
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