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Generations of Energy: August 18, 2013

Wyoming County has a new tool to keep natural gas sites safe. It's a surveillance camera that can be put up into the air and see for miles around. Drew Speier has the details in this week's edition of generations of energy.
Wyoming County-Officials say this new surveillance camera is needed and they say gas sites aren't the only places it will be used to keep the community safe. This mobile surveillance camera can be raised 38 feet  and can zoom in on something four miles away on a clear day. This technology can help in the event of an emergency at a gas well or compressor site. That's why the Williams Company donated the 18- thousand dollars to purchase  it.
 "It's a way of bringing cutting edge technology to Wyoming County and help our state police and help our emergency management responders. I think its a great thing' said Helen Humphreys, Williams Spokesperson

 Since they got it in June, they've already used it multiple times -- including during an emergency at a natural gas dehydration station in Wyoming County where it provided EMA officials with a "birds eye" View of what was going on..... "
 "We were able to see the facility. We were able to see all the components of the facility. It was a great tool and we were a quarter-mile away, nowhere near the danger of the incident" Said Gene Dziak, Wyoming County EMA

 "I think they can probably put this thing back a couple miles from a well site and focus in on a bolt on the well pad if I'm not mistaken and see if the bolts are alright. Can you imagine that? added Wyoming County Commissioner Judy Mead
 . The camera is similar to ones being used by the military. Officials say it can record up to eight hours of video.
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