NCAA Changes Concern Franklin

By Jacob Kaucher

Published 04/27 2014 11:57PM

Updated 04/27 2014 11:58PM

ALTOONA - There's been a whirlwind of change in college sports in recent weeks.
Some of it affecting Penn State right now, other measures perhaps on the way that could impact the Nittany Lions.
A major catalyst has been the push for employee status and unionization at Northwestern.
In the last two weeks, the NCAA approved changes like unlimited meals and snacks for players.
The governing organization of college sports has also recommended independence to make more tweaks for the “Big Five” power conferences, including the Big Ten where PSU plays.
Nittany Lion head coach James Franklin says he wants to make sure football doesn't handcuff the rest of college sports.
“My concern is sometimes a lot of these decisions are being made based on football,” Franklin says. “But I think we also better take a really deep and conscious look at how it's going to affect all of college athletics and sports in general. That's one of the things I want to make sure of. Because I want to make sure everybody has an opportunity to go to college and be able to chase their dreams of being a student athlete."
Franklin says he constantly keeps track of the issues raised in college sports with both the NCAA and the American Football Coaches Association.

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