Working on a Snowy Day

MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Despite the snow -- some people still had to go to work. Eyewitness News Reporter Brianna Strunk caught up with some drivers who had to head out tonight.

10-year-old Alan Moscinski of Pocono Summit has been enjoying his snow days off of school. 
"Last time with my brother we went to the snow outside in the backyard. We got like two or three feet of snow. We were playing and building little forts and stuff."

He was disappointed Ollie's Bargain Outlet in Mount Pocono was closed Wednesday morning.

"We're probably going to stay in home, get warm, and probably I don't know, probably play playstation!"   He told us.

The Plaza in Mount Pocono was also shut down because of the storm. We saw many hungry drivers pull up to this McDonalds drive thru - only to find out the place was closed. 

"I've seen a lot of cars off the road. I've seen a truck overturned and all kinds of things. You just have to look out for yourself and the other guy." said Lorraine Lescinky.  She lives in Kunkletown, but traveled to Mount Pocono. She's a nurse, and has to take care of an elderly patient. 

"I''m going to take my time. Got a long ride home but when I get there, as long as I get there in one piece it doesn't matter what time." 

We didn't find many places that are open for business today, but we did find one that's ready to serve customers."

"It's not a repeat of last weekend. So, it's a little slower today,"  said John Milevoi.

The Exxon gas station off Route 940 in Pocono Summit is open 24-7. 

"Someone's gotta be here, and that's us. We're always here!" Milevoi told us.

Today, most customers are plow drivers and people who need coffee or cigarettes. 

" I think it's crazy, I think it was 71 degrees a couple weeks ago, ready to go fishing and now all of a sudden it's gonna be two feet of snow out there!" Milevoi mused.

Plow drivers were busy today trying to keep up with snow and the mess.

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