Woman Charged in Animal Neglect Case

By Eric Deabill | edeabill@pahomepage.com

Published 06/02 2014 05:39PM

Updated 06/24 2014 11:37PM

The Arrest:

A Lackawanna County woman is facing animal abuse charges.

Earlier this month we brought you the story of the female pit bull mix known as Acea.

She was found severely malnourished and wandering the streets of Carbondale.

Brittany Staples is now charged with animal cruelty.

She's also charged with abandonment after police say she left the dog tied to a pole in the basement of home with no food or water after she moved.

Carbondale, Lackwanna County
-A Lackawanna County humane society officer says criminal charges are pending in an animal neglect case.

A malnourished dog was found Friday wandering the streets of Carbondale.

The dog is now recovering at the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township.

According to humane officer Sandy Scala, thanks to tips from the public they have been able to identify the owner of the dog and say charges are forthcoming.

Eyewitness News is not identifying the owner of the dog because the charges have not been filed.

By looking at the hipbone and backbone of the dog named Acea, Sandy Scala was it is clear the pit-bull mix was neglected.

"She was very, very malourished. You could count every rib, every bone in her whole back and you should not be able to see that. There's no excuse for this. It's just plain neglect," Sandy Scala said.

The dog, who is believed to be about three years old, was found wandering North Main Street in Carbondale on Friday morning.

"It's pretty sad and sickening. I hope the person comes forward," Josephine Beam of Carbondale said.

So far, the owner of the dog has not come forward to report the dog missing  but police and animal advocates say they believe they know who the owner is and criminal charges are pending.

"It's sickening. They shouldn't have animals to begin with," Josie Beam of Carbondale said.

"It's wrong. They're like our children. People should love them like their children," Marlene Lloyd of Carbondale said.

The dog's owner may face a misdemeanor charge instead of a summary citation because Sandy Scala says she also has another recent animal abuse case pending against her for the same dog.

"There's also a case pending in Susquehanna County for the same dog from the same person," Scala said. "They (the charges) will be stiffer for the Lackawanna County one because it's the second offense within a year."

A new state law allows for the charge, something that people in Carbondale agree with.

"She hurt the dog. She should go to jail," Lloyd said.

Since the dog was brought into the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, the humane officer says the dog is already starting to improve, gaining weight and adding muscle and fat.

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