Witnesses: Jason Dominick was "Guilty of Something"

- Testimony about search parties took center stage Thursday at a murder trial in Lackawanna County.

Jason Dominick is accused of killing Frank Bonacci last July and then sending his Jeep Liberty down a 72-foot ravine where it wasn't found for one week.

Thursday, jurors heard testimony about how Dominick and his friend Neil Pal, who is also charged in the homicide, took part in search parties looking for Bonacci while he was missing.

All the while, investigators believe they both knew Bonacci was dead.

Two witnesses used the exact same phrase to describe Jason Dominick Thursday.

When seeing his actions in person and on television, they both testified they thought he was "guilty of something."

Dominick's ex-girlfriend Kerri Tucker used the phrase when she looked at video of Jason Dominick in handcuffs inside the Scranton police station.

She said it was his demeanor, not how he usually looks. When she saw the video, she testified that she tought he was guilty of something.

Even before Jason Dominick's arrest, two other women were also suspicious of the 23-year-old homicide suspect.

Lindsay Hannick and Courtland Davis both testified in court Thursday.

They told jurors about how Dominick and Pal took part in search parties looking for Bonacci in the week that he was missing.

Hannick testified that Dominick was crying during one search party and she thought that he was "guilty of something."

Davis testified she saw Dominick cry too and considered it "odd."

Eyewitness News was at one search party, in which video shows that homicide suspect Neil Pal took part.

Testimony wrapped up Thursday with Scranton police detective Michael Schultz on the witness stand.

He went over phone and text records of Jason Dominick, trying to show that there was bad blood between Dominick and Frank Bonacci.

Testimony will resume Friday morning at 9:30 at the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton.

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