Wilkes University Adds Armed Guards

Published 06/12 2014 09:16PM

Updated 06/12 2014 11:13PM

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County- A university in Luzerne County is preparing its safety team for a worst case scenario.  Wilkes University announced Thursday they will soon have armed guards patrolling campus.

Out of the 16 public safety officers, 5 are already act 120 certified, meaning they're trained to carry a weapon.  The University's plan is to have 3 more certified by next summer, creating a hybrid safety force of both armed and unarmed officers.

Students hearing the news for the first time welcome the move.  Wilkes University Graduate Student Marty Memolo says "I think it's an excellent idea.  I frequently take classes late at night.  I know there has been a tremendous increase in gang violence."  "I know there has been a lot of crime lately on campus, so to know that our safety officers will be armed makes me feel better," says Lauren Gunn, a Wilkes University Senior.

The safety officers will be armed later this summer.  The University also works very closely with the Wilkes-Barre Police Department.

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