Veterans Views: February 27, 2014

"Legal Issues Affecting Troops & Veterans." 
We know that Veterans have faced down challenges and made sacrifices during their service, so it's a shame to know that so many of them remain challenged when they return home
·    Whether they know it or not, their issues and challenges are largely legal
·    Certainly Veterans approaching the front lines of combat need to have sound wills and long-term estate planning satisfied, but these things are just as important for returning Vets - Vets need to know how to incorporate their benefits into their estate planning, for instance, so that their loved ones are secure and cared for
·    Veterans coming home or retiring from service need to understand the laws and regulations that govern and affect the VA, which is the federal agency that administers their benefits.  Getting benefits administered and getting benefits retroactively applied are legal issues that Vets often confront
·    Fortunately there is help available for Vets who might need assistance and want their questions answered.  As a judge, I can't provide legal advice but this show is here to make sure your questions get answered by people in the know.  Visit the VA or contact this show for assistance

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