Two Robberies- Two Arrests in Lycoming County

Published 06/24 2014 05:59PM

Updated 06/24 2014 06:08PM

Lycoming County-Both robberies happened before noon Tuesday morning and thanks to the courage of a k-9 unit and the bravery of a bystander, two men are now in custody.  The busy morning in Lycoming County started at this Puff Cigarette Store in South Williamsport. The clerk told police a man with a knife threatened her just before ten, took some money, and ran out the door. Police quickly surrounded the area and brought in a K-9 team. The dog's name is Dany. The German Shepherd mix helped to find a man hiding in the woods.


Officer Devin Thompson of the South Williamsport Police Dept. told Eyewitness News
"He knows when we use elevated voices or picks up the subjects scent it's time. What we were deployed for is happening. He knows to switch that gear."
The man found in the woods was positively identified by the clerk and arrested by police. Police say Dany is the hero on this arrest.


Chief Robert Hetner of South Williamsport Police Dept. noted
"We find many times that people might decide to run or take some other kind of action that could be hostile towards the officers, the K-9 helps to defeat that.

Less than two hours later, Miranda Foulkrod of Williamsport was shaken up just before noon. She and her fiance Jason Matthews were visiting the Choice gas station on Washington Boulevard in Williamsport. That's when the store was robbed right before their very eyes
"Miranda says when she and her fiance Jason began walking towards the Choice gas station. Someone from inside the store began to cry out for help. That is when a man came running out of Choice and took off down Railway Street."

"And they started chasing him and my boyfriend tackled him to the ground and I am in the store and the told me what was going on and what, out in plain daylight."

 Miranda hopes this is the last time Jason has to play the hero.

 22 year old Zachary Harmonosky of Williamsport is facing robbery charges.
South Williamsport Police say the man arrested in their case is 29 year old Joseph Bree of the Williamsport area.  He is now at the hospital being treated for injuries.  He faces similar robbery related charges in that case. 

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