Truck Slams into Shickshinny House

Published 09/03 2014 10:36AM

Updated 09/03 2014 12:44PM

Shickshinny, Luzerne County - "Boom! It was like a freight train hit my house." Talk about a rough start to the day. As Joe Baluski, relaxed on his couch Wednesday morning waiting for his alarm clock to ring, he jolted upright to a different sound - a box truck smashed through the walls of his home at 106 West Butler Street in Shickshinny.

"It actually moved me and I looked up and there's the truck right in front of my face," said Joe Baluski. He wasn't injured, but it looks like he'll have to find a new place to stay.

"[I] grabbed some stuff and then climbed out the window because there was no other way to get out," said Baluski

The driver of the empty box truck wasn't hurt. He claims his brakes failed just before the crash after 8 a.m. Now the vehicle is wedged into the house.

Chief Steve McDaniels of the Mocanaqua Fire Department says the building is unlivable. "The van moved the house off the foundation a good foot, foot and a half. We're working on stabilizing the van and the house at this time. To prevent any other catastrophes," he said.

Baluski lived alone in the house for about 3 1/2 years. He says it was a nice place to live. Now he needs to find a new home, but he's not too concerned, just thankful he's OK. "I'm happy to be alive. You wake up to a crash like that and you see a truck in front of your face, it's like, wow."

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