The Expertise Of The PGA Ground Crew

- Volunteers from across the country and beyond are part of the grounds crew at Oak Hill during the PGA Championship.

At 3:30 a.m. dozens of volunteers are up and ready to work. The grounds crew represents the best of the best from golf courses all over the world.

"[We have] volunteers from across the country; clubs like Oakmont, L.A. Country Club. We have a couple of guys from Dubai, England, Ireland," East course superintendent Phil Cuffare said. "There's people from Australia and they provide housing over at Nazareth College in the student dorms, which is actually really nice."

There is a specific plan in place. The goal- to make the course perfect for the rockstar golfers.

"Cut everything. I was mowing green, double cut, they roll greens, they mow tees, collars, all that stuff fairways," volunteer David Vastola said.

"Right now on our staff, we have about 140. Sixty of them are Oak Hill employees so you are talking about 80 volunteers," Cuffare said.

Right now, Oak Hill is in great shape and it will become even more challenging.

"With the current weather conditions, it's just going to get firmer and faster out there," he said.

Ground crews should be finishing their work before 7 a.m. That is when the pro golfers begins to take the course. Then they go back out for a night session before they head back to their dorms at Nazareth College.

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