The Battle Over Gerrymandering

 (WBRE/WYOU-TV) It's the latest on the battle over gerrymandering in the Commonwealth as Governor Tom Wolf releases his own map of congressional districts.
    The Governor submitted his version of the map to the State's Supreme Court just minutes ahead of a midnight deadline.
    The governor says his map is more fair than the Republican leaders' submission.
    Last month the State Supreme Court threw out the current district map.
      Many say the borders favor Republican candidates.
    The governor says his map is fair and complies with the court's order.  
     This comes after the Governor rejected a proposal from Republican leaders earlier this week.
    Pennsylvania's primary is fast approaching set for May 15th.
Last night the non-partisan group Fair Districts PA  held a forum on the gerrymandering issue in Hazle Township.
         Elected officials and experts answered questions from the public about this hot button topic.
"Rght now we have a system where politicians are picking their voters that's wrong. It creates gridlock in harrisburg. It creates gridlock in Washington D.C..and it has to be remeided." Said Representative Gerald Mullery
         Our I-Team's Andy Mehalshick moderated the proceedings.

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