The 411 On PGA Parking

- If you are planning on parking at Oak Hill Country Club for the PGA championship, think again.

That parking is reserved for the professionals. But other options are being prepared right now. The PGA has hired Victor Excavating to create more than a dozen temporary parking lots near Oak Hill.

"When we are preparing for a parking lot, we have to plan that it could be rain or sun during the days of the event, so we have to make sure there is easy access in and out of all the areas because some of the areas are not paved parking logs," Dale Twardokus said.

Local businesses are also letting the PGA use grassy areas for parking. Some can hold up to 5,000 cars.

"We are going in and installing stone entrance roadways in so people can easily get in and out of all the grass parking lot areas so on the project we are on right now, we are actually installing some stone over the grass and preparing that," Twardokus said.

If you choose not to do shuttle parking, there is a closer option. You will not be able to park on streets near Oak Hill Country Club, but you can pay to park in some lawns. Homeowners near Oak Hill are also selling parking in their yards. A little more expensive, but some think worth it.

"Dollars for the week, that's for a seven day pass," David Fitzpatrick said.

If you park at David Fitzpatrick's home on Kilbourn Road it is reservations only. He can hold about 70 cars.

"They'll come in, some will come in this weekend, they will actually see their spot, know their spot and they will drive right to it," he said. "The whole neighborhood is like a carnival. This will be a fun place."

But there is a price for convenience, so be ready to pay.

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