Sweet Feast for Fat Tuesday

Published 02/21 2012 09:47AM

Updated 02/21 2012 11:50AM

Plains, Luzerne County-- Many Christians are celebrating the end of Mardi Gras on this Fat Tuesday. It's the last hurrah before the fasting of the Lenten season begins Wednesday.

We stopped by a spot where they're baking up some sweet treats for the occasion.

Annette Kosmach, of Bakery Delite, said, "The holidays are always busy, very busy. But in between the holidays this is one of the busiest days of the year."

For Kosmach and her crew of about 20 employees, hectic is the only way to describe this day at the bakery in Plains. The crew here rolled out about 5000 donuts to meet the demand.

Customer Peggy Neher, of Shavertown, remarked, "I'm buying lots of donuts for my co-workers at work. It's the first time we've ever really celebrated Fat Tuesday at work. And we're going out big-time this year."

Prepping for such a big celebration is always a huge endeavor. Many of the employees showed up here about 10PM Monday night, and some won't leave until 6PM Tuesday.

Kosmach noted, "They're already made, and that's when we start frying them, about 10 o'clock. We start filling them, we glaze them, we sugar them."

And they've got just about every variety you can think of-- paczki, fastnacht, and several others-- with more than a dozen varieties of fruit or creme filling.

That's not even including the King's Cake-- a French tradition representing the three wise men's circular route to finding the baby Jesus after his birth.

Kosmach explained, "It's a braided-ring cake. We fill it with Bavarian creme and cinnamon, decorate it with icing and Mardi Gras colors-- which are the green, the purple, and the gold."

A figurine representing the Christ child is placed in each cake-- and tradition says the person who finds it should host the following year's celebration.

And the traditions are well-observed. Hundreds of customers come clamoring for their sweet treats here each and every year on Fat Tuesday.

Neher continued "Oh, I come here all the time, this is my favorite place for donuts. They have the best creme-filled and Bavarian-filled around, best donuts ever."

Bakery Delite is located along River Street in Plains. They're open until 6pm.

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