Staying Fit and Eating Healthy on Campus

LEWISBURG, UNION COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Say goodbye to the "Freshman 15"--  and hello to a healthier lifestyle.

      At least that's the goal for one local university, as they're among the first 'healthier campus initiative' schools in the nation.   Eyewitness News Reporter Morgan Parrish went on campus to learn what steps students are taking when it comes to their health.

  "You don't want to eat all the pasta you can eat, it’s good to throw in a vegetable or fruit in there."  Bucknell University Freshman Emily Brandes told Eyewitness News.

That’s the healthy attitude Bucknell University likes to see.

 This university is one of 26 schools to be recognized for successfully promoting wellness across campus. Tanya Williams, Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist explained: "Without their health they have nothing."

 As part of the 'Healthy Campus Initiative', the University was required to choose 23 healthy living guidelines, and work towards those goals. With the help of their fitness centers, dining services and nutritionists on board Bucknell is headed in the right direction.


  "Here in the cafeteria, we have a salad bar that's open every single day of the week all day which is really really nice."  Said Brandes.


"I worked with a nutritionist to run a half marathon and that was definitely the peak of my healthiness and I look forward to using that in my future."  Said Margaret Dengal, Student, Health Center Worker.


The program's been successful despite a number of challenges.

  "I think time management is difficult. Besides the immense amount of school work they have, they also have a social life they want to keep up with." Said Catherin O’Neil, Medical Director



"Late night eating is a big thing. Not being able to eat at regular times so their schedules kind of get in the way." Offered Williams

Students know once they overcome them, the reward will be at the end.

  "It really sets you up for the future and being healthy later on in life." Said Margaret Dengal.


  "Hopefully 20 years from now they can say 'you know I learned that at Bucknell and that's why my cholesterol is great'!"  added Catherine O’Neil


*Video for this story provided by Bucknell University.

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