State Senator Leads Fight To Ban Cash Gifts For Lawmakers

Published 04/14 2014 06:35PM

Updated 04/14 2014 06:55PM

The corruption probe in Luzerne County prompted State Senator Lisa Baker (R) 20th District to sponsor legislation to ban all cash gifts for all lawmakers in Pennsylvania- Baker said, "This would ban cash gifts to not only the General Assembly but also school board members, judges and councilmen--It is aimed at making sure cash gifts or anything of monetary value cannot be accepted by those who are our decision makers." Baker added, "It's been well documented that lawmakers took cash and did not report it- This legislation will impose penalties for those who accept these cash gifts and hopefully deter those people who offer those gifts in the hopes of getting something in return-" Under current law lawmakers do not have to report cash gifts under $250 dollars-- Jim Simmons from Wyoming said, "I think it's about time--they should not be allowed to take anything from anybody..".   The law does provide some limited exceptions..... The bill has been sent to the House--

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