Spring snow in Schuylkill County

Local municipalities are working hard to keep with the snow

GORDON, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)--Local municipalities are working hard to keep up with the snow today as it keeps coming down throughout our area.

Eyewitness News Reporter Haley Bianco hopped on board a snow plow truck in Gordon and went for a ride to see how it's done.

Gordon is a very small borough with just 750 residents. To get the job done, there's one man for the job.

Jason Quick is not only "the only" plow truck driver. He's also the road maintenance supervisor, emergency management coordinator, flood plane administrator, assistant code enforcement officer, a council member, and a firefighter.

But even with all those responsibilities, he says one a day like today, his priority is keeping these roads clear and safe. 

First he clears the roads around the fire company.

Then he hits the hills, then most popular roads, and finally smaller alleyways.

"About four miles I plow, so that takes about four hours per lap..with this kind of snow just keep going back over until it's done," Jason Quick said.

As a small borough, Quick tells Eyewitness News there are many challneges when it comes to storm clean up.

When we were in the truck plowing, we hit a man hole, now that's dangerous to not only the equipment but also to those in the car.

And with just one plow and one plow truck driver, it's important to keep them both safe so that the rodas can be cleared. 


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