Special Delivery for Third Grade Students in Scranton

Published 09/04 2014 04:46PM

Updated 09/04 2014 07:40PM

There was a special delivery Thursday afternoon for third graders at a Scranton elementary school.

On the first day of school in Scranton, staff members from Lackawanna College stopped at Bancroft Elementary bearing special gifts.

"It's one of my favorite days of the year. It's so much fun. I wish the whole school could see it," Lackawanna College registrar Theresa Scopelliti said.

Within a matter of minutes, roughly 100 new backpacks filled with pencils, erasers, folders and other supplies were in the hands of excited third graders.

Bancroft is one of the district's neediest schools and some families have trouble affording new school supplies.

"In this economy it's very hard to make ends meet and school supplies are expensive," principal Ann Grebeck said.

All year long, members of the Lackawanna College registrar's office raise money to afford all the gifts with monthly basket raffles and other small fundraisers.

"Every month, I take cartridges to the recycler and we get $2 for each cartridge and I do that once a month because it's a limit of 20 cartridges," employee Liz Wassel said. "In the dead of winter it's really a pain but when you see those kids, it's absolutely worth it!"

This is the fifth year that Lackawanna College staff members have worked to give Scranton school district students a bright start to the school year and they're already thinking about next year.

"We will begin shopping right now because what we do is we buy everything on sale as soon as everybody is back to school. We try to get the best bargains," Scopelliti said.

In addition to helping students at Bancroft Elementary Thursday, Lackawanna College staff members also raised enough money this year to help some students at John Adams Elementary School as well.

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