Sochi- The City by the Sea

Published 02/05 2014 11:22PM

Updated 02/12 2014 04:00PM

 Russia is 9-hours ahead of us here on the East Coast which means the athletes are currently waking up and preparing for the first day of qualifying competition in several events. And while we know Sochi is the home of the winter Olympics, we were left to wonder what it is like there the other 11 months out of the year.

Our Tim Kelchner spoke to a local travel agent about the City by the Sea.

 "You really don't feel like you're in Russia when you're here." said Melina Pitsaros, of Ludus Tours
 With the palm trees blowing in the wind, and the sun shining off the's hard to believe this is the same country associated with sub-zero temperatures and several feet of snow.
"It's quaint. It's not a huge city. Any huge sky scrappers they've had were recently built." Melinda Pitsaros is an event manager for Ludus Tours. She said summers in Sochi are the best time to visit the city, giving you plenty of warm weather activities.
   "There's amusement Parks, and hot springs, it's very warm on the coast. There's also Apartments you can rent throughout and stay as a family to come to the beach for the week, there's Bed and Breakfasts that revolve around the vacationing family."

Its not all warm weather fun, the nearby mountains provides plenty to do up in the clouds.

 Pitsaros told Eyewitness News "I've been up to the mountain resort once so far, beautiful train ride up there and they've done a fantastic job building that up."

It is tough to find a  place that offers summer and winter activities year-round, unfortunately due to the winter games, most of the those cold-weather activities, especially the ski slopes are being used.  Tim's first-hand coverage of the games continues tomorrow morning on eyewitness news daybreak with details on the emerging hotel horror stories. Some people are content with their accommodations in Sochi.. others not so much.
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